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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

Many thanks for stepping in and helping out today. VERY WELL DONE summery.

And I agree with what Royle stated. Winning is ALWAYS the most important thing for a franchise ask Kenny how he feels about that point LOL.

I understand where Brooks is coming from and it might simply be a matter of semantics they way he talked about it. Like Royle said there's always a certain segment that just wants to have fun, sit in the sun, drink a beer and if the Sox win, that's gravy...but for most fans it's about winning first, last, always in my opinion.

And Brooks understands that based on his comments. I think many who filled out the survey and made comments along the lines of winning not being the top priority are probably casual fans, for wont of a better word and I understand the Sox need them too.

I think it is a matter of semantics. Hopefully, I explained Brooks' point correctly. He said that winning is very important to fans, and it is the most important thing to some fans.

Winning is the most important thing for me -- as it is for you, Lip -- and I'm sure it is the most important thing for many of our posters here at WSI. But there is a group of fans out there that do like the White Sox, but maybe don't live and die with every win and loss the way many of us do here. They need those folks in the stadium also.

I'd also point out that while the 2012 team ultimately did not win the division, watching this group was a breath of fresh air when compared to the misery of 2011. So, I think there's a chance a lot of the survey respondents indicated, "Hey, at least this team played hard and made me proud to be a Sox fan again. That wasn't the case last year." If a market researcher reads a comment like that, one possible interpretation is that playing hard and representing the fan base is extremely important and even more important than whether they won or lost.

When you think about it, it makes sense within the context of what has taken place here over the last couple years.
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