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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
I disagree. Alex Rios certainly had an awful season in 2011. I won't dispute that. However, Adam Dunn's 2011 was historically bad. Dunn and Alex had similar power numbers that year but Adam struck out about 3 times more than Rios, had half as many hits, hit 70 points lower (40 points below the Mendoza line), and managed a pathetic 6 hits against left handed pitchers. Also, Dunn took a lot more mental punishment in 2011. He was the big signing in the offseason and he took the brunt of the heat from the fans and endured the questions from the media. Rios got some boos for sure but nothing on the level of scrutiny that was put on Dunn. To come back from that far down in the dumps to have the season he had in 2012 made him worthy of the comeback award in my opinion. Take a look at the comparison between Dunn and Rios 2011:

Dunn 2011:
.159 avg (!!)
11 HR
42 RBI
177 Ks
66 Hits (only 6 against LHP!)
.569 OPS

Rios 2011:
.227 avg
13 HR
44 RBI
68 Ks
122 Hits
.613 OPS
But the fact remains that Dunn is still a one-tool player. Rios was the team MVP this year. He may have started from a higher spot, but he finished higher too, overall. Dunn had a miserable second half, while Rios continued to excel.

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