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Originally Posted by Jerko View Post
Ok most of this is non-baseball related, but here are a few things they can change IMO to make Sox games a more pleasurable experience.

Ushers: Having one in every section, and having them work the same area of the park every game, might make them a little more "on the ball" so to speak. I know a few of these guys because I usually stand on the concourse, and without their little guide book, they're lost; even for something as simple as where certain stands are located throughout the park. Nice guys; not really trained properly IMO.

I'm definitely with you on the usher point.

I've been to a lot of different parks over the years, and USCF is the only one that doesn't seem to want to bother with ushers. Using Detroit as an example, every time I've gone there the ushers check the ticket, and offer to show you where the seats are. Other ballparks are the same.

I sat in premium lower deck seats about 20 times last year. Not ONCE did anyone check my ticket when walking in, much less say anything to me. And the constant routine of people showing up for their seats after the game started, either needing to kick out the people who had stolen the seats earlier, with those people moving to other open seats, over and over again blocking the game gets tiresome.

The last game I attended someone with an aisle seat started smoking. Not just smoking, but intentionally blowing the smoke behind him. I was going to say something, but saw the usher walking toward him. She just kept on walking, and didn't say anything until another fan grabbed her and told her to take care of it.

If they want to charge for the premium seats what other teams charge for premium seats, they need to consider the entire experience, not just the seat location.
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