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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
If I had to guess, I would think that the season ticket holders in question would turn out to be easily identifiable ticket brokerages. Dumping tickets on Stubhub for those useless games in June, July, August, and September still probably works out in their favor. The huge mark-up for games against the Cardinals, the other premier teams in the NL, the Crosstown games against us, and attractive interleague games against the Yankees or Red Sox makes their seasons. Those $5 and under tickets on Stubhub all season long had to absolutely kill the Cubs' walk-up revenue.

It's one of the big drawbacks of losing 100 games. Far more people lately are buying cheap tickets on the secondary market and avoiding the team, and the money received from Stubhub doesn't make up the difference from all those lost ticket sales. If the 90+ loss seasons don't disappear by 2015, even those premium games won't draw sellout crowds anymore, and the park might see 10K less fans per game.

The Cubs don't really have a choice here.
Weren't those tickets already purchased from the cubs and then put on stubhub? How would those hurt the cubs' revenue? Wouldn't it help the revenue if thse tickets, otherwise unused, brought in people to buy beer, food, and merchandise?
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