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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
That's BS. I occasionally try to get a feel for the zeitgeist of the North Side fanbase by reading their forums and last March people were saying they had been on the list for 2 years and were getting calls in March about season tickets.

Also, it's free to join the list and there's no commitment.

Yep, I was talking to a diehard cubs fan with money to spend who was on the waiting list and got a call last spring. She was offered seats in the lower corners or bad upper deck seats. She wisely took a pass but is still on the list. I guess that number represents more of a list of fans who want a good season ticket seat not just any crappy seats, which wrigley has plenty of.

I actually like how they are giving the scaplers the boot. I've never met a likeable scalper. They are some of the angriest and meanest people I have ever come across. I'm amazed at how Gold Coast is able to support so many store fronts, employees, and pay for the naming rights for the Gold Coast section at US Cellular. The only thing close to a hot ticket in this town are Bears tickets. All other teams are break even or losing propositions. They must buy in such massive bulk that when an event does get hot that it offsets all the other loses.
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