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We get the Tampa Tribune daily and it seems like everyday there is an article about a new ballpark. To me both St. Pete and the owners of the Rays are playing hardball. St Pete wants the new ballpark to be in the Pinellas county area while the Rays want to explore the whole area and mainly downtown Tampa.
The Carillon location to me would be a good fit. It's right off I-275 near the Howard-Franklin bridge and not that far from the Gandy bridge and a lot closer to Downtown Tampa than the Trop, so the Tampa people would not have that long of a drive. Fans in Clearwater and up to Dunedin and Tarpon Springs would not have that long of a drive either. If you build it in Downtown Tampa then the fans in southern Pinellas county and St. Pete would not be happy campers.

If you look at the map the proposed new park would be just off I 275 just south and west of the Bay and a little northwest of the bridge. Just a little north of the sign for route 686. As you can see it's not that far from downtown Tampa. It would be about 15 miles north of the Trop which I think fans in Tampa could live with.

PS: People who live in the Tampa Bay area should never complain about traffic, they should visit L A, Chicago and NYC and see what real traffic is like.

PSS: I love the Tampa Bay area and if I were to move to a large city, the TB area would be it.
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