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As a resident of New England who winters in Florida, I am amazed when Tampa and traffic concerns are mentioned. Tampa traffic is a minor inconvenience. People in Boston who drive can expect an hour commute to get from north to south or vice versa. I have driven through Tampa mornings, mid-day and evenings and their traffic would be equal to mid-size New England cities like Worcester or Providence i.e 20 minutes from one side of town to another.
tampa's problem is that there are so many transplants from the north or due to military obligations that their fan base is just limited. So when they reveal population numbers within x miles of a location, a high percentage are seniors many of whom come from somewhere else and have a limited interest in the Rays. I am an avid baseball fan and I enjoy going to Rays games even if it is not seeing the White Sox. But I rarely ever hear of my neighbors going because none are native Floridians.
So any population studies needs some reducing factor to account for the myriad of 55 and over residences which are mostly occupied by transplants.
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