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Originally Posted by Frontman View Post
He also has his good days with the fans too. My grandpa met him right after his playing days were over, and his son was playing against my brother in a little league game (probably 6-7 year old range.)

Spent a good amount of time just jawing with my grandpa while watching the game like any normal Dad. My brother was one of those true "student of the game" type players who loved watching MLB games to pick up how to play the game.

Pudge commented on my brother, who was playing catcher, tossing his mask on a pop out and throwing the ball over to 3rd after my grandpa had told Fisk about how my brother studied how to play the game.

"Wonder where he picked that up?" Pudge joked.

I hope that Fisk can get the help he needs. Man might be a jerk at times, but I certainly don't want to wake up one morning to see the headline:

"Sox Hall of Famer Fisk in Drunk Driving Accident."
Confused by the bolded comment. Fisk was released/retired in 1993. His son was 21 years old at the time, so certainly wouldn't be playing in any little league baseball game.

I think it's interesting, he's a kind of a mixed bag. Sometimes a good guy, sometimes a jagbag. Hopefully when you meet him, you get the good guy, not the jagbag but you never know...
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