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Originally Posted by palehozenychicty View Post
They will also never return to two divisions per league, even if that is the best way to maintain excitement and get the best postseason teams.
Actually, that is one of the worst things they can do at this point. The wildcard has made a lot of teams relevant. Teams who otherwise would be out of it in early August because someone is running away with their division. It brought a lot of people to the park in many cities. Also, fans don't care about "the best teams" making it. They care when the Yankees and Red Sox don't make it, but they don't really care about whether or not a wild card team makes it in. In fact, the wildcard has brought excitement and unpredictability to the sport. If the best team always won, it would be pretty boring. As grating as it might be for the Cadinals to catch fire, squeak in and win it all, it is compelling having them go through the "best rotation ever" in Philadelphia and then the power packed Rangers, the two teams who were the consensus best teams in baseball.
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