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Originally Posted by ZombieRob View Post
I don't remember them ever being nationally revered in the 90's. I know Frank was highly regarded but the team itself even during the pennant chases no one outside Chicago seem to care. Part of that problem is in part the Sox seem to get buried by our own media. But you may be right though, I just don't remember.
I think you just might not remember. The Sox were indeed nationally known and recognized. The peak of White Sox popularity nationally was the early 90s. Frank Thomas's profile was huge. He had national endorsements with Reebok, had his own multi-platform video game with Acclaim, and even his own pinball machine with Gottlieb. He was probably second only to Ken Griffey Jr. in national popularity. Bo Jackson's comeback with the White Sox was also a big story and he was still a hugely popular name nationally. White Sox hats and merchandise were also insanely popular all over. It was pretty close in popularity to how the Yankees hats are nowadays. The Sox averaged about 35K per game back then too. The early 90s were as close as the White Sox have ever come during my lifetime to overtaking the Cubs in popularity. During that time, I'd say the two clubs were pretty even. The strike of 1994 ended all that momentum and a possible World Series run.
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