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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Jake said often enough times that he wanted to stay in Chicago and appreciated the help the Sox gave him over the past few years health-wise.

I also can't argue with Floyd. He's OK to help the back end given that he's right handed, eats innings, and you just don't know about Danks until he actually gets on the mound and proves it.

So the rotation looks like:

? (Quintana / Santiago / ??? Myers maybe if he will come back on a lesser deal)

Now go out and get some hitters.

Yes, and Jake often stated that he felt bad for not doing enough and that he wanted to be the pitcher that Kenny traded for. IMO, He's being loyal to KW and the Sox organization here by not testing the market and accepting a two year deal.

We also have plenty of solid young bullpen arms, especially if Santiago ends up in the pen. Time to deal Thornton.
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