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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
I have to think he would have gotten more on the open market. This is a guy that has only pitched one full year with the Sox, along with bits of another three. I thought his talk about liking Chicago and wanting to stay here was smack like we heard last year from another. I commend him for being a man of his word.
I assume you're talking about Buehrle. This has been beaten to death here over the past year, but to recap again: Buehrle gave the Sox two hometown discounts on his previous contracts in 2003 and 2007, so he didn't really owe the Sox anything. That said, I think he really did like it here. There's no question he's a midwestern guy who's probably out of place in Miami. He gave Reinsdorf a call after Miami offered the contract, and JR told him to take it. I mean, that contract was obscene; how can you hold any ill will towards him? I'm glad he got a pay day.

The bottom line is, the Sox couldn't afford Buehrle in 2012, mostly because of (ironically) Peavy's contract, along with Rios and Dunn.
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