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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Except the World Series isn't an "event" in the way the Super Bowl is. The Super Bowl is one night, one single game, that everyone can get together and watch together. The World Series is somewhere between 5-9 days long. They're just not comparable. This idea that the World Series needs to be more Super Bowl is preposterous, if anything, baseball's attempst to "footballize" the sport is what's lead to the watering down of the World Series. No amount of PR or marketing BS is going to change that fact. Let football be football. Baseball should concentrate on being the best baseball it can be, not trying to copycat another sport just because that happens to be the way this generation's tastes have been set.
Back in the day, there was a great build up of excitement for the World Series. During the Series itself, because it is 4-7 games long, there was constant drama and excitement after each game. MLB marketing can take advantage of the ongoing drama until the final out of the final game is made. This is something the Super Bowl does not have because it is one and done.

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