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Originally Posted by Zisk77 View Post
Somebody get traded. At least that what someone on the score said Hahn mentioned when Peavey was signed. Dunn maybe? Back to the national league...San Fran maybe? It could be a Johnson/Konerko dh/1b time share.
I would love to see Dunn traded, and expect to be attacked for expressing as much. I think Dunn hitting .300, though, is a more likely future event than Dunn being traded to the Giants. (The Giants, being free of the albatross $10 million Aubrey Huff contract signed in the post-2010 championship euphoria, are not going to deal for Adam Dunn.) Maybe I'm wrong, though. Maytbe tGiants management belives they could have won the NL West and World Series this year if they found more home runs and more strikeouts in their lineup.

The only team I could see Dunn going to would be the Yankees, with their shallow right field and deep pockets. I really wouldn't mind a Dunn-for-Alex Rodrieguez swap if the Yankees made it financially attractive to the White Sox, which is probably unlikely. Rodriguez would probably be better at third than Youkilis was for the White Sox in 2012. Youkilis' production for the White Sox fell off after the All-Star break. He compared well to Hudson, who comared well to Morel, but looking for a third baseman in trade seems a bigger gamble than picking up the Youkilis option.
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