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Originally Posted by Madvora View Post
Kip Wells and Sirotka are great picks, but, Keith Foulke may have been the one for me though. For a while he seemed unhittable. When he was good, he was really good.
Kip Wells for me. I remember attending the second game of his major league career, which was game 1 of a double header against the Rangers. The White Sox won both games. Kip was throwing mid 90s with a power curve ball. He only gave up one run and struck out six, and I was in love.

He ended up pitching 7 games in '99, and I watched everyone one of them. He only had one bad outing, and I was convinced he was the next Nolan Ryan.

He never really had the same stuff when he came back in '00, and his control was awful. The velocity on his fastball seemed to gradually decrease until he was traded to the Pirates when his fastball magically starting hitting mid to upper 90s again. Even though his fastball came back to life, he still struggled with command and only had a few years of moderate success in the NL.

Thanks a lot, Nardi.

Foulke was by far my favorite pitcher with the White Sox for a very long time. I even modeled my style of pitching after him. I would only pitch out of the stretch, and I relied on a power changeup to get strikeouts. I don't think you can really include him though because he really was that good.
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