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Originally Posted by Moses_Scurry View Post
I thought Dave Gallagher would win multiple batting titles and hit in the .300's every year. I also thought it was really cool that he invented some hitting device, but I can't remember now exactly what it was. Obviously it never took off.
That was the Stride Tutor. Gallagher got it patented in 1991, but a picture of Gallagher using it appeared in the Yuma Daily Sun in April 1988.

I was at the Ray Kroc Baseball Complex waiting for Mike Yastrzemski, who I was I writing a story about on a day when a game with the White Sox AAA affiliate was rained out. Outside the clubhouse, Jeff Schaefer was lobbing balls up to Dave Gallagher,whose feet were chained together as he was hitting balls into a chain link fence. Gallagher explained his invention and its purpose, and I took notes and took a picture. Mike Yastrzemski went into a terribly slump after I interviewed him, and he retired from baseball that summer. Gallagher was called up to the Sox in May and hit .300 for the season.

Today Gallagher runs a baseball academy in New Jersey, which by all accounts is very successful.
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