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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I don't see what options the Sox have other than to add to the core that is already in place.

They have several veteran players with contracts that are tough to trade. They have little MLB-ready talent in the minor leagues.

Even if they wanted to overhaul the roster this offseason, I don't think they could.
Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I think that decision has been made. The investment in Peavy is a clear sign the Sox are trying to win now. Whether they will be successful is an open question, but this is not going to be an offseason where the Sox starting looking toward 2015.
I think, hope is probably the better word, that the White Sox are going to be retooling their farm system while continuing to plug holes with veterans and hope to catch lightening in a bottle. The immediate plan calls for the Tigers to continue to struggle over the course of 162 games and that they can stay close. With their rotation they should be able to compete, whether or not it is enough to get over the hump I am not sure. But hopefully they can develop some more guys so by 2014, 2015 they can have a team of young and talented guys under contract who can compete for years to come. Kind of like where the White Sox were in 1991 or so.

Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
65 home runs, 160 walks, 160 RBIs. Oh the humanity.
While those are nice totals, I think the White Sox have too many low average, low OBP guys in their lineup already. I know that Dunn walked over 100 times last year but his OBP was STILL .333 and his OPS was "just" .800, that doesn't make up for his .205 average. He leaves way too many runners on base in scoring position. Maybe with a healthy Konerko hitting behind him his production will increase. I know that some people say that batting average doesn't matter but I think if you watch Dunn every game you get to see how many guys he leaves on base and how much that average DOES matter.

Go Sox!!!
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