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Originally Posted by Milw View Post
I dunno, the Phillies went into this season with Jim Thome on their roster. Given that interleague play is now a year-round event, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that an NL team could find a use for Dunn. Whether they'd give up anything of value for him is a different question, of course...

Interleague play is a year-round event in that there will be an interleague series going on at all times, but each team will play only 20 interleague games. A National League team would only have 10 games in American League parks. The Phillies, for example, have four games in AL Houston in mid-September after the rosters expand and when they may or may not be in the race. I don't believe the demand for defensively challenged hitters will increase among NL teams. I think it's unlikely that the schedule change will make Adam Dunn more attractive to NL teams.

I would love for the Sox to trade Dunn. When they signed him, I thought they could get pretty much the same productivity out of Mark Reynolds for a smaller salary, but I didn't believe that would help them win either. I don't believe Dunn's game translates to winning baseball, and he has had two poor miserable years with the White Sox. If he got off to a good start in 2012 after making adjustments, those adjustments have either been surrendered by him or countered by opposing pitchers. There is no reason to believe the game he displayed in the NL, where he wasn't a part of winning teams, will ever show up in the AL where is being paid huge money to win.

The White Sox are stuck with Dunn, and it will be difficult to drastically improve the offense with him hitting third, fourth or even fifth on an everyday basis.