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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
You really think there isn't a single team out there that wouldn't take Dunn? A 40HR 100RBI guy who only has two years of financial commitment? A left handed hitter to boot? A guy with over 400 HRs in his career? Take a look at the contracts being handed out around baseball for guys who produce less than Dunn. 36 year old DH David Ortiz (who is injury prone and cannot play the field at all) just got a 2 year contract extension worth $26 million. This is only a little less than what Dunn is owed on his deal. If Hahn put Dunn on the trade market, I guarantee his phone would be ringing.
I think there are certain extenuating circumstances there though. The Red Sox traded away what seemed like half their team last year, hired and fired a very unpopular coach, and had one of their worst seasons in years. I think part of that deal was to help out their strained PR. I just can't believe anyone else was going to give out $26mil to an 37 year old former juicer who can't even play a position in the field.