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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
This idea Gordon wins more games with his glove than Dunn with the bat is pure comedy:

Last year, Beckham's UZR was negative, he was worse than Dan Uggla, and well below his career 3.0 average.

His WAR (which factors in defense) was 0.6
Adam Dunn's war (which is brought DOWN by his defense) is 1.8

There is not 1 stat, SABR or not, that backs that up.
In recent months I tried several times and completely failed to start a dialogue on a massive recalculation of WAR by baseball-reference this past spring. It reminded of me of how certain regimes would rewrite history years after the fact. Defensive WAR in particular no longer has any meaning for me. I note on the baseball-reference 2012 White Sox page Adam Dunn has a 1.5 OWAR and a -1.7 DWAR. So maybe in the crazy new methods that comes out to a +1.8. As for TDog I think there are few if any posters here who hang in there and take it the way he does. Regarding Dunn, he is right on as far as I'm concerned.