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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
Asking is one thing , getting his wish is another. 48M over the next 3 years may be a tough contract to move.
While this is true, he has some options. The hints of an early retirement have always been there for him. He's also made over $89M on his career and playing 1 more season will put him over $100M at almost 35 years old.

I wouldn't be too shocked if he elected to do one of a few different things. It's certainly possible that he could use the 'retirement card' now or even play a season in Toronto to see how it goes followed by using the 'retirement card' post-2013. The problem is, he might be better off using it now, because if he were to have a poor 2013, he'd have almost no leverage in that discussion. "Trade me (while eating some of my deal)," offers very little leverage if he plays out a bad 2013 season and they could pay nothing for him were he to retire. His window of opportunity for this option could close as time/seasons go on.

I do hope it works out for him because he was/is - by far - my favorite player to wear a White Sox uniform during my fandom, but he also made this bed...

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