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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
Kirk Gibson was kinda known as a guy who won a MVP due to his World Series homerun but he actually had a very good year in WAR standards. I think he came in 6Th place overall for WAR that year. I always thought of him as being one of the worst MVP picks of alltime but he actually had a pretty good year compared to the rest of the league.

Daryl Strawberry or Orel Hershiser probably would have been his number one competitors.
The MVP votes were cast before the beginning of the postseason.

Maybe Gibson won the award because he was the team leader of the Dodgers, clearly the most valuable player on the team, while there was no clear most valuable team leader on the Mets who won the NL East, Strawberry and McReynolds splitting the remaining first place votes. I wasn't watching much NL baseball at the time.

If you just look at stats almost a quarter of a century later, you take the award out of context. If you only look at stats, you diminish the award. MVP shouldn't be something you can quantify mathematically.

Since divisional play, especially now with three races and wild cards in each league, statistics have carried more weight because the are so many heroic stories and the voting writers don't even see some of them. Bob Costas suggests the the MVP vote come after the league championship series because the pre-World Series postseason has become part of league play. And he might have a point.

I would have been surprised if the vote for either MVP this year would have been closer. I would have been less surprised if the Cabrera or especially Posey had been unanimous. I'm not at all a Cabrera fan, but I think he was clearly the AL MVP.

I think some are vocally disappointed in the vote because they see it being about stats and failing to validate their argument that batting average and RBIs don't mean anything. Of course, even if batting average, RBIs and clutch hitting aren't a predictor of future success, it's what Cabrera did. And as the season wore on, it's what Trout didn't do at the same level.
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