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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
They totally mangled their computations. On a whim it seems. The radical shifting of WAR ratings and rankings, particularly DWAR last spring rendered them useless in my opinion. This is what I meant by the Winston Smith remark. As Frater said we're not afraid of math, or of progress I might add. This is just BS. Lipstick on a pig.
If you have some understanding of what these stats are measuring and how they are formulated, and still don't want to put any stock into them, that is fine. Who am I to judge? I find batting average, pitcher's W-L record, and fielding percentage to all be increadibly useless, archiac numbers with no actual meaning. If that is how you feel about WAR and dWAR, that's just your opinion. As long as it is coming from a position of knowledge and not ignorance, is all right. I only object to the small (but vocal) sect of people who simply refute new, sabremetric stats as mental masturbation that is the work of demon number wizardry.

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