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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
More like the one of the worst trades in Sox history.

Not to diminish Thome's accomplishments with the Sox, but there were plenty of other power bats available that offseason, ones that were less than 35 years old, could field a position and weren't one-dimensional hitters, but then again the Phillies weren't paying us $22M for three years (half the contract) for those guys.
There really wasn't much on the FA market that offseason which is why the Sox went the trade route. The only free agent left handed power bat capable of hitting over 20HRs that year was Jeromy Burnitz and that is a pretty steep drop off from Thome. Here is the complete list of FAs at the conclusion of 2005:

Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
To me the real question is would the Sox have paid Rowand when he hit free agency after 2007? And would they have come close to the $9.6M the Giants paid him?
Rowand got 5 years and $60 million from the Giants. No way would the Sox have come close to paying him that and rightfully so. (The Sox did kick the tires on Rowand when he became a free agent after his season in Philly and took a pass when they heard the asking price) The Giants took a bath on the back end of that Rowand contract as he started to decline in a hurry and became a really expensive 4th outfielder for them.
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