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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Don't know why you're surprised. This was to be expected. People around here need to realize that Ozzie isn't managing this team anymore, so Wise will not be the starting CFer and leadoff hitter. He's a 4th outfielder. Jeez.
And he's a bad 4th outfielder. .290 OBP in his best year, which was last year, is horrid.
And last year, he did lead off and he did start - many games.
Good in the clubhouse is a ridiculous reason to sign a player.
Last year, the lack of bench production on this team was a glaring weakness. So what do the Sox do? Bring back the same player. Now, sure, there are other bench players, but the chances of your utility infielder being an excellent bench bat are close to zero.
The 4th outfielder is where you get it from, the Sox didn't even make an effort to upgrade.
Guillen's personality wore out its welcome, but much of his philosophy of low-obp baseball was and is shared by this organization.
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