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Originally Posted by gosox41 View Post
I don't know if the layoff hurt Detroit or not. I do know that if the AL consistently puts up a significanlt better record then the NL in interleague play then they are the more dominant league. I don't know where the 2012 record stood so I'm not claiming that. In previous years, I would claim that.
Well, the WS carries a ton of weight, so I'd say that neither league is dominant.
And while the season is a marathon and the first 20 games needs to be taken as seriously as the last 20 games of a team in a pennant race with a 2 game lead, the reality is the playoffs are a crapshoot. In a short series anything can happen. Bad teams sweep good teams in 3-4 game series during the season.
I simply cannot compare having to score more runs than the other team, in a 9 inning span, 4 times before they do the same to you... to flipping a coin. Or rolling dice. It is not the same thing. Baseball is a hard game to win at. You have to have the talent, and most importantly, the mental fortitude. It is simply disingenuous to call the game of baseball a crapshoot or a coin flip. If a "bad team" sweeps a "good team" in the playoffs, that "bad team" is now a good team. Better than the team it swept. You can't discredit playoff success.

Teams with losing records have dominant records against teams with winning records (not very often). See KC vs Sox in 2012. So if the Sox won the World Series this year, can we still claim KC is the best team in baseball because they dominated the champions during the regular season?
Absolutely not.
To an extent, a short series is like flipping a coin.
Flipping a coin involves flicking a coin with your fingers into the air. That's it. Winning a playoff series involves good pitching, defense, timely hitting, good managing and individual player decisions. Big difference.

Or if an umpire blatantly blows a crucial call, like sale an obvious infield fly rule, and the team with the worse regular season record beats the team with the better record, is it safe to say the team with the worse record is better.
Yes. Umpires can never beat you. They may not help you, but they won't beat you. Bad calls happen to everyone.

The infield fly call in the Atlanta-Stl game was the correct one, btw.
Bottom line is SF are the champions and the rest of the teams went home as losers.

to the champs.
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