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Originally Posted by pudge View Post
Brian Anderson killed that team. Killed it. I just don't get why you trade for Thome when you won a W.S. with Rowand in CF. I agree with the poster who said Frank and Rowand probably get you back into the playoffs. I just didn't love the trade when it happened. Now, Thome was great to have in '08, but I would have rather been a playoff team in '06.
Tell me when and how Cliff Pollite and Neal Cotts got back to what they were the previous season and then I'd say that team is a playoff team again with or without Rowand and Thomas. Don't know why people seem to forget about them, they had career seasons of career seasons for middle relief which, luckily for the Sox, happened to fall in the same season and then they both promptly fell off a cliff and out of baseball just a few years later.
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