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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
I can't even tell if you are insulting me or not, but I am happy with Wise as our 4th outfielder. He plays solid defense and offensively he knows which end of the bat to hold.
He couldn't even lay down a bunt at the end of the season. Let's review something. The Sox coughed up the division to the Tigers and lost BUT they went out and signed Torii Hunter, another sox killer, who's back in our division but the White Sox signed journeyman, DeWayne Wise and mark my words, the Sox love this guy and he will see a lot of playing time let's see where that batting average is next year and see his other stats...BTW, I'm sure you're a good guy, Mr Jinx. Our opinions just differ....Go Sox

"I still get such a bang out of it, playing ball. The same as I did when I first came up. You get out there and the stand are full and everybody's cheering. It's like everybody in the world came to see you."

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