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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
The World Series is played by just two teams. You can't say jack about the makeup of an entire league based on the performance of just one of its teams. It's nonsensical to say that the World Series should carry more weight when considering the quality of the entire league. If you want to make statements about the quality of the entire league, you have to take into account the performance of the entire league.
Those 2 teams reflect on the rest of us, because the rest of us were unable to prevent those 2 teams from getting there. Thus, the WS carries a lot of weight.

Yes, we have to take into account the performance of the entire league, with considerable weight given to the World Series. What does it say about our league if our best gets thumped by their best? Enough to negate a lot of the reg season accomplishments.

The NL has claimed baseball's top prize 4 of the past 5 seasons. AL has done well in the reg season, but can't claim dominance without more WS trophies.

And it's extremely disingenuous to call the pennant winners 3rd and 7th best. They had the 3rd and 7th best regular season records. That's it. But then they claimed the prize that the rest of us were clamoring for. They were better.
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