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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
Jackie Robinson would have played for the Giants. He retired months before the trade and didn't make it public due to he promised a young journalist exclusive rights for when he decided to go public. He wrote a letter to the Giants admitting he would love to play for them. He never got along with O'Malley, Campanella or Newcombe either so he woulda loved to beat those three. O'Malley wanted him gone a year earlier but was talked into keeping him. This whole loyalty thing towards Brooklyn was created by his wife.
You are probably right. The Giants certainly were a team that embraced integration. The version I have always heard is part Dodgers-fan party line. My father grew up a big Dodgers fan in New Jersey, and I gave him a copy of the Jackie Robinson autobiography for Chriistmas the year it came out, about the time of his death, but I don't remember anything contradicting his wife's story about bleeding Dodger Blue and hating the Giants, which, frankly, wasn't what I initially believed until my father shared with me his Jackie Robinson mythology.
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