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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
And if you think the best two teams always play in the World Series you're completely out of your mind. The regular season doesn't matter in terms of who advances and who doesn't, but (and this is like... 2nd grade math here) only a complete lunatic would take 7 or 8 data points over 162. Again, I'm not saying the Tigers didn't deserve to be in the World Series because they met the criteria to be there, they just weren't the best team in the AL last year. I'm quite certain by now your stance is just a big joke because it's unraveling to such absurdity I'm laughing as I type this, but anyone who would argue that the Tigers were the best team in the AL in 2012 (again, different from being the team that should be in the World Series) is just a nutcase.
Dude, it is not 7 data points vs 162. You're not understanding. TDog explained it to you very coherently and thoroughly, but I'll still add a little in.

FORGET THE REGULAR SEASON WHEN THE PLAYOFFS BEGIN. MLB hits the reset button. The reg season is done. Out of the way. In the garbage can. Burned to a crisp. Vaporized. No more. Kaput.

The announcers, players and coaches tell us this every freaking year. TBS and ESPN's opening lines to their initial playoff broadcasts will usually reiterate this. "It's time for the postseason, where we begin anew!" "It's time to find who is the best in Major League Baseball!"

When players/coaches from higher seeded teams are interviewed, they'll usually say "Well, the regular season is ancient history now, and now we have to focus on this playoff series." And/or "This is what it all comes down to."

Do you even watch baseball at all?

When the White Sox clinched the best record in the AL in 2005, how many here said, "Well, there ya go! We're the best in the AL no matter what happens now!"? No one did. No one celebrated. We were all on pins and needles for the playoffs. Don't you think if our record clinched AL supremacy, we'd have celebrated? But no champagne was popped. There wasn't even a light applause. We were nervous as all ****.

The regular season is 162 data points to determine who goes to the main part of the season: the playoffs. Then we start anew, in a decent format, IMO, to decide the champ. They can't play best-of-20, which I'm sure you'd prefer. Best of 7 is fine for me. Best of 5 is meh, but oh well, it doesn't nullify the supremacy test. Neither does the WC game, those teams had their chance to avoid that 1-off.

If Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt finished last among those who qualified to the Olympics, are they no longer the best? While they celebrate their gold, will you walk up to the podium and say "Look guys, they came in last among the qualified. They aren't the best, Joe Schmo and Duncan Mo, who didn't even medal, are the best. They qualified head and shoulders above the rest. Data points, guys!!! Data points!!!"?
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