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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
First one that comes to my mind although he isn't necessarily all that high profile was Derrick Turnbow. Oh, also Eric Gagne.

I don't think that is a very fair comparison with Johnson either. You could say that same that Prince Fielder with his massive girth wouldn't benefit from steroids. Also, not only power hitters and power pitchers used them. After all, Fernando Vina and Pablo Ozuna have been busted too.
Let me do my best to explain. Hitting a baseball 500 feet and consistently throwing a fastball in the mid 90's are two completely different things, using different muscle groups. At age 60 I could bench press almost double my weight, but doubt if I could have hit the high 50's on a radar gun. It would appear that Clemens found the right mixture for him, and in fairness he has a completely different physique than a Randy Johnson. Also, concerning a big man like Fielder, I think steroids would work wonders on that physique combined with diet and exercise. No, I'm not advocating that, I don't like PED's in sport.

Edit: Thanks for reminding me about Eric Gagne.
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