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Default You see the trend, what to do with Sale, quickly, as in now.

I say we attempt to lock him up quick.

Maybe something along the lines of
2013-900K, 24
2014-1.1M, 25
2015-5.5M, 26
2016-8.5M, 27
2017-10.5M, 28
2018-10.5M, 29
2019-10.5M, 30
2020-10.5M, 31

Assuming he stays healthy/competitive, it would be hard to decline this deal as a 23year old, IMO......Also if he doesn't get extended and hits the market around 26-27yrs old he's going to be looking at Hamels dollars........Look at the Kershaw financial options. Considering Floyd is making 9.5M it makes it a nice deal.

8yr/58M Similar to the Strasburg deal he signed out of college.

This put him past arbitration, which he would (assuming) be awarded pretty solid salary (LHP, eats IP, K's, competitive)

What would/should the Sox do with Sale?
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