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At the risk of piling on I also thought the holiday sales was a huge disappointment. I got there an hour early so I was part of the first group in the jerseys / bats clubhouse and there was nothing to be had. I did find an Addison Reed warmup jersey but thats all I bought . I thought about going to the other clubhouse but the line was extremely long.

The Sox had a tremendous turnout, probably the largest sale turnout ever. And from all of the comments I heard on Saturday most left extremely disppointed.

The Sports Depot had 25% off of everything which brings the prices closer to retail, I did pick up a few things there. With a purchase you could bring your receipt for a free appetizer at Bacardi. When I got to Bacardi about 11am the bartender was quickly overwhelmed. He kept saying "why dont the tell us when they are going to do something like this?"- he apparently was not expecting all of these customers. They added a second waiter but service was very slow. Again, people left disappointed and the Sox miss another opportunity to showcase their facilities

Just poor execution
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