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Originally Posted by palehosepub View Post
I like the fact that he would rather play in Chicago than for more money in NY:

According to Jon Heyman of (via Twitter), the Yankees bid higher than the White Sox for Jeff Keppinger, but the utility infielder chose Chicago.
I think someone here may have mentioned this, or maybe it was another board, but I suspect the fact that when ARod comes back, he will basically be out of a job probably played a role in that, too. Jeter at SS, Cano at 2B and Texiera at 1B doesn't leave anywhere else for Keppinger to play once ARod is back, but the bench. With the Sox it looks like the starting 3B job is his to lose. Plus, the rumors are that AJ Pierzynski might be a Yankee, and no one wants to be in a clubhouse with him.
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