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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Gordon is a better 2B than 3B. Beckham, as frustrating as he is is actually not a terrible offensive 2B plus his defense is top notch. Moving him to 3B would absolutely crush what little value he brings to this team.
Depends on what you consider not terrible. I'd say he's got bipolar results at the plate. Pretty good run production for when he gets a good swing on the ball, but tons of K's, awful at-bat after at-bat and he's averaged hitting .232 the last two seasons.

If he could find some consistency, he'd be a keeper. We'll have to see.

Without A.J., we still have potentially one 40+, one 30+ and three 20+ home run hitters in the lineup.

Power isn't the issue this offseason, balance is. Every position doesn't require a hitter with power as long as he can handle the bat.
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