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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Ask and ye shall receive. Just spent 20 minutes or so talking with Bill about this.

He doesn't have a 'definite' reason for what happened in 59 but he thought that Al went with Wynn three times because Early was his guy, his big game pitcher from back in Cleveland and because of the short left field fence at the Coliseum.

Bill said he's heard a lot of things over the years as to 'why' but he never asked Al directly about it. Bill also added that he and Al met many times over the years at charity functions, banquets, they often sat together and 'never had a harsh word' between us.

Bill said he was upset at the time but that was washed away because of everything that happened in 1962.

He said it's in the past and over time you forget about it and just remember the good things. Bill said he was very fortunate to play with managers of the like of Paul Richards, Marty Marion and Al Lopez. He said Al was a "great" manager.

As to the Nellie Fox question, Bill (who was Nellie's roomate for 12 years) said that Lopez did in fact vote for Joe Gordon but that was "because he thought Joe was a better player than Nellie and that was his opinion and you have to respect it."

For more on this feel free to read my interview with Bill:


So you actually talked to Billy Pierce? I wasn't sure if I got that right. I really hope he can get elected into The Hall of Fame while still living. I always thought he was better than Bob Lemon and just as good as Whitey Ford.

Thanks for the feedback too. I always like learning more about the history of the Whitesox. Especially during the 1950's. In a way I kinda have to agree with Al Lopez and why he would vote for Joe Gordon but it's pretty tough to not vote for Nellie Fox.
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