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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
White Sox 1:

Yea I know Bill, he's a good friend. You asked, so I asked him.

The Chicago Baseball Museum is planning on doing something for Bill, like they did for Minnie before the 2014 election. I think Bill can still get in through the veterans committee or something like that.

Thanks again, I was reading about that whole topic on a different baseball history site and it really made me wonder what really happened. They had a ton of different reasons on the Fox/Lopez hof voting and the Billy Pierce not pitching in the 59 series but the one thing 90 percent of them agree on is that Billy Pierce should be in the Hall of Fame. I find it pretty amazing that you know him and I appreciate the fact he would answer questions. Thanks again.

I would have to think a lot of the older players may not like the saber type of stats and i'm not really sold on them yet but these stats may help guys like Billy Pierce, Minnie Minoso and Richie Allen get in the hof in future votings with a new generation who use saber stats to help with deciding who should be in. Using saber types of stats Billy Pierce is better than probably 20 pitchers already elected.
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