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Originally Posted by Wedema View Post
I agree that this is a good move for KC but Hosmer and Moustakas both only have one full season under their belt. It is too early to call them below average MLB players.
Just because they are below average players now does not mean they are doomed to fail, but it is a simple fact that the majority of prospects do. Kansas City has been hoarding "MVP-type" talent players for 10 years now. That strategy has earned them 9 straight sub-80 win seasons.

And, for the record, both have over a season of MLB experience and their career tracks are currently most closely aligned with Ken Harvey and Kevin Orie respectively. Not saying it's time to give up on either of them, I'd swap our 1B and 3B for theirs in a heartbeat, but just a friendly reminder that being a top prospect in AA guarantees nothing in the Majors.

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