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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oh please, before Myers it was Hosmer. Before Hosmer it was Moustakas. Before Moustakas it was Gordon. Only Gordon is even an average MLB player at this point. This is a bad move only on the day you get a trophy for having the world's best farm system. As long as MLB production is the name of the game, KC made a nice move. They have plenty of young, up and coming position players. They desperately needed pitching. They play in a division that only requires 85-90 wins. They're a real threat in the Central now.
Agree completely. Having good prospects is a must in any organization, but not because they are guaranteed to produce at the major league level. They make good trading chips, as was displayed here. The Royals are an organization right now to keep an eye on. They seem to know what they are doing. This move highlights that IMO.

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