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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
I hope this proves to be correct although I asked about this with a good source a few minutes ago. They said they simply can't see it happening because, "A.J. would be very, very, very, very miserable..." (direct quote)

They feel he's going to Texas.

I picked up hints from this individual in the past who knows A.J. well that he likes Chicago, the Sox organization and the fans but he really, really wants a monster payday for his final contract...that he doesn't just want a 'good' contract. If that's true, that's probably out of the Sox range...but we'll see.

That's a shame if it's true- if there was ever a player who should give a "hometown discount" to his team- it's AJ and the White Sox- he's a great fit and the fans love him- and will still support him even with the (likely) decline that will occur as he ages.

It's up to the Sox to give him a very solid offer- but my theory is that any team other than the White Sox will = San Francisco Giants for AJ.
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