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Originally Posted by Hendu View Post
Agreed. I like the move only if it's just the opening salvo to a couple other trades/signings. Hopefully that's the case. If not...what does this trade really do for them when Shields leaves in a couple years?
What positions on the Sox would you rather have a WhiteSox instead of Royal?

1b: Hosmer v. Konerko = Konerko
2b: Beckham v. Giovetllla= Beckham maybe
ss: escobar v. ramirex = escobar
3b = moustakas v. keppinger = moustakas
lf = vicideo v. gordon = gordon
cf = de aza v. cain = cain
rf = rios v. frenchy = rios
dh = butler v. dunn = butler
c = perez v. flowers = MEGA perez

That's six of nine I'd rather have royals. And giving the benefit to Beckham. And Hosmer certainly has a brighter future than Konerko.

Shields v. Sale = Sale
Guthrie v. Peavy = Peavy
Floyd v. Santana = Floyd
Davis v. Quintana = push
Danks v. Chen = Danks (maybe)

Hocevar vs. Santiago = Santiago
Herrera vs. Veal = Herrera
Crain vs. Crow = Crow
Thornton vs.Collins = Collins
Reed vs. Holland = Holland

Then they have Paulino, Duffy, Lamb, Mendozea

Hochevar .. worth a laugh
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