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Originally Posted by CoopaLoop View Post
Because Shields is under control for two seasons and isn't turning that franchise around. He is a solid number two pitcher and that's it. Myers is already an upgrade over Frenchy which is a huge need by the way. So you gave up three out of your four best prospects for a good pitcher and a bullpen arm. Congrats. If you are the Reds, I get it, if you are the Royals I have no idea what you are doing.

She's list is a better comparison than yours and even yours has very few "busts" on it.
Of course she's list is better for your argument; whenever you get to artificially select a smaller amount of names it almost always works out in your own favor. I've just showed you 5 years of the absolute best prospects in baseball. 20 names. 7 of them are busts. That's a 35% failure rate, AGAIN, of the very best prospects in baseball.
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