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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
Not bad but probably a step down offensively from last year. I don't think we can expect Rios-Dunn-Paulie to be as productive as last year. We need solid improvement from bottom 4 to offset it.
The lineup isn't too bad at the present moment.

And although I don't expect the same output from Rios, Konerko was at right around his career average in OPS (.857 in 2012 to his .858 career), and Dunn was right around his career averages in HRs/RBIs (41/96 in 2012 to his 38/96 career averages). Hopefully Dunn can improve upon his OBP and OPS, while Konerko can keep doing much of the same. And as for Rios, if the team gets 90% of his production from last year, I'd probably be OK with that.

As for the others...
- De Aza needs to stay healthy and he'll be OK (although I'd rather have a true CF and worry about him staying healthy).
- Keppinger can't be any worse than what we tossed out there at 3B majority of 2012.
- Alexei needs to improve back (and closer) to his career averages.
- Flowers... If he can produce 15-20 HRs and to have a solid defensive presence, I'll be OK with that spot
- Tank/Beckham (I'll group them together) - this is where I'm looking to make up for some of AJ's absence/numbers. Beckham especially, as he's at that seemingly magic 26/27 age that has typically sparked careers.

If the bullpen gets shored up a bit and Danks returns strong, we should again see a competitive team in 2013. I'm just not sure it's enough to top the Tigers, although I've seen crazier things happen in baseball (Oakland, 2012).

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