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Originally Posted by johnnyg83 View Post
Only way? HYPER-BOLIC (clap, clap, clap,clap, clap)
It's not hyperbole at all unless you think a 72-win team can miraculously turn things around by simply adding James Shields and a couple #5 starters. For them to contend, they need everything to go their way. They don't have anywhere near the talent of a team like Detroit. It's not exaggeration, just the facts.

You say they couldn't afford a guy like Sanchez, but they absolutely could have if they hadn't thrown money away on Guthrie and Santana. And you of course glossed over the other thing I said, that they could have kept Myers and traded lesser prospects for a guy like Gavin Floyd -- you're telling me that wouldn't have been a MUCH better decision had they done that?

There are so many other viable things KC could've done other than trading the MiLB POTY to get better this year. That's all I'm trying to say.
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