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Originally Posted by pythons007 View Post
Players don't just bottom out. Not to mention his line was still awesome. I'm not sure how he isn't the same player. Not to mention he didn't hit his first homer until May. I think he was pressing a lot last year because of that monster contract. I'll be he's closer to his "normal" numbers next year.
At age 33 its not uncommon for players to lose their skills pretty fast. Each of the last 5 years Pujols has dropped in ops, obp and slg. He's never going to be the same player he once was unless he pulls a Barry Bonds. He did end up having a good year but he's never gonna be a 175 ops+ type of hitter again. If he stays healthy he'll end up between 135 and 140 ops which is still great but nothing like what he used to put up.

Alot of people seem to think he's not 33 either but somewhere between 35 and 36 which will make it even more difficult for him to stay healthy. I just don't think this lineup is as scary as it looks.
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