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Originally Posted by palehosepub View Post
I owned two full season tickets in what last year was called the "premium box seats". Since I had a high row our seat prices were staying the same - not going up or down in price. Still at an average price of $91 per game for two seats I wanted a better location even if it cost a little more. I have asked my rep numerous times about improving the location. After several calls to him I would get the same answer - nothing better available. So I decided that the seats in that location weren't worth the premium prices so I asked about lower reserved outfield seats close to the field and near the aisle - they seemed like a good value at about $20 per set per game. I was told again that there wasn't much available - most of the seats were in rows 8 or higher and in the middle of a row. At the same time, my son called the White Sox about outfield reserved seats and spoke to a rep - she checked over a few days and came up with two aisle seats in the second row from the field. Great seats for $20 per ticket per game

We are taking those second row outfield seats. Why aren't current season ticket holders allowed first choice? Is it just a difference in the quality of the rep's diligence or follow through or do the Sox just take existing STH's for granted. I told my rep I was cancelling my two premium seats because I wasn't satisfied with my high row location. (I didn't mention my son's "find.)

His response was basically "OK, we will settle your account". I am surprised the Sox don't offer more creative solutions or have a Ticket Manager call you before you quit. They just lost over $7300 in ticket revenue not to mention parking concessions, etc. For example, when I recently "fired" Direct TV a few weeks I had to talk to several different people all with suggestions on new plans, benefits, etc. They asked "how can we do better"? The Sox just let me walk away...
I did the same thing with Comcast. I talked to four different people trying to get a better deal, telling each of them that I was leaving. Nobody would do anything. I talked to DirecTV, signed up with them, and called to cancel. Lesson learned: call to cancel first before actually signing up, then they make you the offer. It still wasn't good enough for what I wanted, and I have been very happy with DirecTV. They do send you a lot of junk mail regardless if you are their customer or not.

Comcast must have a pend in their system about me switching though because they finally asked me if I signed a contract. As soon as I said yes, they stopped calling.
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