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Originally Posted by Zakath View Post
+1. Definitely have Gibson, both Johnsons, and possibly Seaver and Carlton ahead of him (and it's a close call on Ryan).
Walter Johnson, Tom Seaver, Randy Johnson and Bob Gibson are usually ranked in the top ten for all time pitchers. Steve Carlton is usually 15-20. Nolan Ryan is not really close to Roger Clemens. Without deducting Clemens for steroids he has a case for being the best pitcher of alltime. 354 wins, over 4000 strikeouts, a career era+ over 140 and the second highest career war among all time pitchers. (Cy Young has the highest career war but he pitched in a totally differant era.) Clemens pitched in Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium, Ryan pitched in a pitchers paradise most of his career. Clemens pitched in the steroid era and he had to pitch alot of games in a tough AL East division, Nolan Ryan pitched in a pitchers era against some pretty weak AL West and NL West teams. Now I'm guessing your deducting Clemens for his steroid use. I think everyone knows Clemens used but i'm pretty sure Nolan Ryan was using too. Ryan somehow gets a pass from using steroids. Fact #1 Nolan Ryan pitched for the Texas Rangers who were known for rampant steroid use. Fact #2 Nolans Ryans horse trainer got into trouble with the law for supplying steroids to a Texas college football team. Fact #3 Theres not too many pitchers who pitch effectively in there 40's unless your Roger Clemens or a knuckle ball pitcher. Nolan Ryan should be ranked in the 70's-80's range. He never won a Cy Young and he only made like 4 all star teams which tells you he wasn't even respected by his own generation. Meanwhile Roger Clemens has 7 Cy Youngs and Probably 15 all star appearances, I don't think theres any question Clemens is better.

I know the 7 no hitters Ryan threw look good but seven games shouldn't put you as a top 10 pitcher. Sammy Sosa has the most 3 homerun games and I doubt anyone will be calling him a top ten hitter anytime soon.

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