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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
Wow...they aren't just similar, they are almost the exact same pitcher. I'm sure Floyd's agent is going to use that as a base whenever Gavin hits free agency.
If you want to throw one more pitcher (with very, very similar stats to both of those guys) into that mix, let's look at fellow FA Joe Saunders:

Saunders -
78-65 Career, 31 Years Old
162 Avgs: 14-12 4.15 ERA 209 IP 26 HR 119 K 64 BB 1.36 WHIP

It'll be very interesting to see what he gets this off season to see just how much the Cubs would be overpaying (if this 4/$52M is accurate/true) and as a closer guide to what Floyd might/could get.

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