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God Bless AJ for the walkoff against the Dodgers, the halfway to St. Patrick's Day blast, the dropped-third strike, the Tampa Bay fielder's interference play, and for bringing home a championship most of all.

Never, in a million years, did I think he'd last eight years on the Sox. Look at these gems from this idiot below when the Sox were talking about signing him:

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You mean sitting around playing cards instead of going over the hitters with the starting pitcher isn't good clubhouse behavior?

Screw him. Keep him off our team.
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A story just came out about KW having a chat with Lee about his attitude and hustle. I have no idea why we would want this bum on our team.
Do a search for Pierzynski in the Clubhouse. There are some beauties from December of 2004 with many people advocating for more playing time for Ben Davis and Jamie Burke.
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